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Eartha Kitt- Greatest Jazz Singer of All Time?! + Top 20 Jazz Singers of the 20th Century

January 17, 2012

Marie Fleur is an American born jazz singer (or as she calls herself a, “vintage pop singer” as to not be confused with smooth modern crooners). In her humble opinion Eartha Kitt is her favorite of all time! Eartha was a great actress and she really had a way of making you believe in a song all while bringing her own distinct personality to it. Kitt was also a very gifted performer which isn’t always the case with great singers or songwriters. What absolutely puts it in the pocket for Eartha is her devotion to the fight for humanity. She was actually blacklisted for making anti-war statements at a White House luncheon and was forced to work in Europe for ten years of her career. This greatly put a damper on her popularity in the American music world and forced her into temporary obscurity. Well Miss Kitt, we appreciate your efforts now and we thank you for your wonderful contributions to the world!

Marie Fleur also includes the very, very close runners up. Truly, they are all each exquisite jewels and impossible to rank in order. It really just depends on the color of your mood.

1. Eartha Kitt- b. January 17, 1927 North, South Carolina

2. Ella Fitzgerald- b. April 25, 1917 Newport News, Virginia

3. Billie Holiday- b April 7, 1915 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. Jane Green- b. January 2, 1897 Kentucky

5. Kay Starr- b. July 21, 1922 Dougherty, Oklahoma

6. Lena Horne- b. June 30, 1917 Brooklyn, New York

7. Nan Wynn- b. May 8, 1915 Wheeling, West Virginia

(Nan Wynn was Rita Hayworth’s vocal dub:)

8. Margaret Whiting- b. July 22, 1924 Detroit, Michigan

9. Anita O’Day- b. October 18, 1919 Chicago, Illinois

10. Annette Hanshaw- b. October 18, 1901 Manhattan, New York

11. Dinah Washington- b. August 29, 1924 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

12. Mildred Bailey- b. February 27, 1907 Tekoa, Washington

13. Josephine Baker- b. June 3, 1906 St. Louis, Missouri

14. Nina Simone- b. February 21, 1933 Tryon, North Carolina

15. Sarah Vaughan- b. March 27, 1924 Newark, New Jersey

16. Connee Boswell- b. December 3, 1907 Kansas City, Missouri

17. Ethel Waters- b. October 31, 1900 Chester, Pennsylvania

18. Peggy Lee b. May 26, 1920 Jamestown, North Dakota

19. Doris Day- b. April 3, 1922 Cincinnati, Ohio

20. Julie London- b. September 26, 1926 Santa Rosa, California

Written by guest blogger: Marie Fleur


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